Pressured to Diagnose: One Woman's Anxiety About Labeling Her Toddler

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There is a fine line between celebrating uniqueness and fearing it.  There exists a commonly accepted standard for what is normal and we are expected to live within those parameters.  At times, we are permitted to dance dangerously on either side of the limits, but at what point do we go from being pleasantly eccentric to being diagnosed with a mental illness?  It's a very fine line, indeed, and it becomes even more difficult when talking about children.  ...  continue reading

When Do Personality Traits Become Mental Illness? The Answer Might Surprise You.

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Depression may be adaptive in some regards, and there may even be an evolutionary basis for the attractiveness of moodiness. But this doesn’t mean that we accept these traits as a society. Instead, what Philip Fischer labels “passionate traits” like melancholy, irritability or even exuberance3 are frowned upon, especially if you don’t have a particularly theatrical job. 

“Hey, Bob! Stop dancing on the copy machine and finish your TPS reports!”

But there is a problem inherent in the way the general population defines “illness”.  Numerous traits influence personality, and at any given time, most people will exhibit at least some traits that indicate depression, hyperthymia or anxiety. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to label such traits as disorder as opposed to normal differences between people.

No longer are we passionate dancers, melancholic writers or exuberant salespeople; we are ill. And the more visible those emotions are to others, the more they are seen as an uncivilized throwback to our neanderthal days, a mark of pathology....  continue reading

Foods For Depression: One Surprising Reason to Save Your Banana Peels

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Do you eat bananas? Don't toss your peels! 

Maybe it's the conservationist in me, or maybe I am just frugal...if frugal means cheap as hell. It's probably both of those that led me to discover the fact that banana peels can be amazing for mental health. 

Food, Serotonin and Natural Prozac

While bananas have things like potassium and magnesium--both of which play an important role in mental health--the high concentrations of tryptophan in banana skins may play an even more important role in depression, specifically because tryptophan is the chemical humans use to synthesize serotonin....  continue reading

Mom Alert: Things Your Doctor Hasn't Told You About The Causes of "Mommy Brain"

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"Mommy brain" is a common experience among new mothers. Often beginning during pregnancy, symptoms can last through the first year of a child's life and occasionally longer. Women in the throes of this phenomena report having less ability to concentrate or overall feelings of being mentally foggy. Forgetting details--such as what you walked into that room for--is common, as is realizing at the end of the day that you're wearing two different shoes....  continue reading

Is Depression A Physical Illness? The Link Between Depressive Symptoms and Brain Changes

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According to Dr. Peter Kramer in Against Depression, depression is the "most devastating disease known to humankind”1 (pg 150). It alters both psychological functioning—in the form of emotional issues— as well as physical abilities—in the form of pain, lethargy or other connected ailments. Depression strikes early, often triggered by stress or trauma which leads to “kindling”, as discussed in detail in the last post. 

Understanding where depression comes from, as well as what is happening inside your brain, may help you determine the best way to attack it. The good news is that there are a number of treatment options available. The bad news is that most who have one episode will have another, and each episode tends to be worse than the one before it, particularly in those who forgo therapy.

But why would this be?...  continue reading

What Is Depression? Examining the Link Between The Physical and The Emotional

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”He told me it's all in my head." She wept silently, eyes down. "Maybe he's right."

Her state was familiar, one I had seen many times before.  

But “he” wasn't right. 

Depression is a highly physical condition, a state of the brain and body informed by genetics, gestational environment, early learning and later relationships, all of which lead to specific changes within the brain and the body itself through a complex interaction of chemicals. 

Depression is not a simple mind over matter issue. Those who suffer don't have the ability to just wake up one day and make it go away....  continue reading