Top 11 Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression

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Postpartum depression affects between ten and twenty percent of American women. While there are a number of symptoms associated with PPD (discussed here), there are just as many risk factors that can increase the odds of ending up this disorder....  continue reading

Top 10 Ways To Treat Postpartum Depression

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May is officially Postpartum Depression Awareness month. And while there probably should be an official Postpartum Anxiety month, or a Postpartum OCD month, or a Postpartum  Psychosis month, we'll do the best we can with what we've got. Because no matter what's plaguing you after childbirth, you are not alone.  

Postpartum depression affects between ten and twenty percent of new mothers. While there are several different theories about cause (discussed here and here), treatment is available to women faced with this condition. In a comprehensive review, published in the "International Journal of Women's Health", researchers identified both traditional and experimental therapies that may be effective for women suffering from postpartum depression1....  continue reading

4 Alternative Treatments For Postpartum Depression You Need To Know About

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Postpartum depression can rear its ugly, no-good, dirty, rotten head anytime, including during pregnancy as discussed at length in the last post. And the earlier it begins, the more reluctant women tend to be about beginning drug treatment. Many women choose to forgo drug treatment altogether in the postpartum period, making it critical to find alternative therapies--though make no mistake, medications can be lifesavers for those suffering severe bouts of depression, anxiety or other conditions. So what to do? It isn't like we can just toss these women aside, unless you're Rush Limbaugh, in which case this is perfectly reasonable. I mean, about as reasonable as Rush fucking goats which I heard was totally his weekend guilty pleasure. 


Alright, let us forgo the beastiality for a moment and get back to the issue at hand: how to help the ladies who are uncomfortable with medication management during pregnancy and the postpartum period deal with a depressive episode. Because in addition to the standard advice of talk therapy and increased social support, there are a few other options for decreasing depressive symptoms postpartum....  continue reading

Is This Thought Normal or is it Postpartum Depression? The Top 5 Scary Thoughts After Birth

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In the past I have written extensively about postpartum depression, from the evolutionary drives to abandon when stressed, to the importance of support, to the influence of hormones to the difference between PPD and postpartum psychosis (Check out the posts linked at the bottom of this article). But even with a symptom checklist, many don’t recognize the symptoms for what they are. Part of the reason for this is that the thoughts that accompany PPD may resemble normal thought patterns in new moms. So, I decided to create a different kind of checklist to help you differentiate between normal worries and signs of postpartum depression.  ...  continue reading

Do I Have PPD? The Somewhat Official Postpartum Depression Symptom Checklist

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Postpartum depression (PPD) can wreak havoc on the psyches of new mothers as well as their partners, leading some therapists to treat entire families for PPD issues as opposed to just women. But how to know if you or your partner has such a thing? I have a few recent posts that go into more detail on this (see those links below this teaser). But I was recently asked to answer this question quick and dirty style in a guest post, so I created a PPD symptom checklist. If this sounds like you (or someone close to you), share it with your partner. You’re not crazy. It’s postpartum depression. And help is available....  continue reading

Things You Probably Don't Know About Postpartum Depression: Breastfeeding and The Influence of Hormones

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Postpartum depression is an evolutionarily relevant hormonal response to stress that may be triggered by a lack of support or other environmental conditions. (Read more here in: PPD, Maternal Investment Theory and the Drive to Abandon and PPD, Spousal Support and the Benefit of Sister Wives. ) 

But breastfeeding may be an additional piece to the postnatal depression puzzle. 

Let me be clear: this is not a post about encouraging women to breastfeed as opposed to bottle feed. This is not a post shaming mothers for whatever choices they have made in the feeding realm. Every mother does what she feels is right for her and her child. 

This post is about us. Because maternal emotional regulation might be affected by breastfeeding, and the cessation of breastfeeding may be able to trigger mental health issues, including postpartum depression. Education matters so that women can understand the process and make the best choice for themselves and their families, whatever that choice happens to be....  continue reading