About Megsanity

Before Meghan started writing psychological thrillers, there was Megsanity.

Megsanity started as an inkling in the back of the brain of a shrink: that most people are not quite as dysfunctional as they are made to feel. The way we evolved to respond and the way we actually do are pretty fucking close--we just don't live in a world that believes those responses are normal. A little education goes a long way towards understanding that your brain might be working fine--sometimes it's the world that's screwed up.

I mean, aside from that Justin Beiber fascination. That shit's just weird, and it's all on you. 

Megsanity aims to provide an educational base for understanding the human psyche and promote normalcy through recent and anthropological research, girl power, expletives, sarcasm, sexual innuendo and chocolate.

Especially those last four.

All that shit we aren't supposed to talk about? Let's talk about it. Let's bust some myths about the way our brains are supposed to act and talk about how they actually do. Not all ideas on this site will make sense to any one individual. That's cool too. Read what you like and leave the rest. It's what life is all about. 

All rights reserved, every goddamn one of them. A few wrongs still available. 

It's all solidarity, people. Let's do this shit.